Watch How Your Income Will Explode With Using This System (Very Important)!

Strategy & OverView of How This System Works and Pays You Multiple Income Streams...

Step 1 - National Wealth Center Setup

Note: As Soon As You Join National Wealth Center in this First Step...You'll Be Getting Personalized Access to Our Training ( and Access to All Of Our Team Resources and Trainings!

Step 2 - Power Lead System Setup (Free Trial)

Very Important Please Note:  Power Lead System Recently Revised their Back Office and their Menu went through minor Revisions...after joining Power Lead System and logged in...make sure you use the 'Previous Menu' option in the top right corner while logged in to change the menu exactly to what is shown in the following tutorials:

Step 3 - Domain Setup (Name Your System)

Step 4 - Share Code Setup...Make This System Yours!

Note: If you do Not see the Domain You Bought in the Last Step (Step 3) when Choosing Your Domain To Set up this System, Just Give a Little More Time for the Domain to show up...Also Make Sure you Hit the 'Refresh' Button in your Browser as well for the Domain to Show Up

Step 5 - Setup Traffic Source

Step 6 - Affiliate Links, Finalizing, and Start Running Traffic!

Getting Your Affiliate Links:

Inputting Links and Finalizing Your System:

Step By Step How To Run Traffic To Your System:

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